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Why Appiatech

Differentiation; AppiaTech differentiation point comes with four simple principles: true collaboration & high communication with the customer, a complete understanding of the customer`s business, persistence in finishing the job whatever it takes, 12 plus years of experience and specialization in developing software solutions for the Aviation Industry; working on complex projects.

Strong relationship with customers: We focus on developing a strong ongoing relationship with our customers and we only place the most talented and outstanding staff. We deliver exceptional offshore staffing solutions. Our 12 years’ experience working with AerData, handling huge projects of the highest standards, dealing with various interfaces that require collaboration, effective communication has been a great advantage for the  Appiatech team and the client. The team is highly professional working with many scrums in various countries including Croatia, Poland and the Netherlands. We succeeded to develop smooth and clear communication channels with other scrums in different time zones, to ensure that projects are delivered to our customers in the best quality and on time.

Agile Working methodology: We follow scrum as an agile framework to manage our projects and processes. Our sprint planning is described in terms of the desired outcome; the commitment to a set of features to be developed in the next sprint instead of a set of entry criteria. By this, we leverage each team member`s skills, expertise, time, effort and we deliver top high-end quality services.